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Do you have a small business in Bend or Central Oregon area (or anywhere in the U.S. for that matter) and want your own website but don't have the time or knowhow to do it yourself? Or maybe you just don't want to spend $1500 or $2000 to have someone design your site for you. Let Gary Burzell Website Designs design one for you at an affordable price. We specialize in designing simple, quick loading websites that are easy to navigate without all the flash and bells and whistles some websites have, and you won't go broke having us design it.

We also work hard to get you the best possible Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Google and other search engines so you get actual visitors to your website. We can design and maintain a professional looking business website for you at a price you can afford, so you don't have to worry about all the technical stuff. Not only can we design and maintain your website, but we can also take care of the hosting process by using one of the webs oldest and most reliable web hosting services.

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If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!! The chances of anyone you don't know sending you an email that will lead to you receiving money, products or anything of any value is absolutely ZERO!! Please don't be fooled by the fraudulent claims in the junk email you receive. No one is ever going to give you something for nothing!!
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Do you want a simple website without all the fancy frills at a price you can afford for your small business? Let the us design a website for you.